November 18, 2020
car showroom with red and silver, value for money car

Top 5 Most Value For Money Cars You Can Buy In Late 2020.

Looking to purchase a new car? Look no further. We have some suggestions on what are the best cars that provides the most value for money based on your needs! Here are some cars that are the most value for money in these perspective categories be it pricing, safety, space and even power! This article consists of cars of different makes of which is not just a list of the cheapest car in the market like the articles you have seen. All prices are as quoted from authorized dealer. (Quick tip: You often do get further discounts when you head down to the authorized dealers and have a view!)   The Cheapest. 1. Perodua Bezza 1.3 Premium X (A) ($64,999)   Photo source: Perodua Looking for the cheapest car you can get? This is the right one for you! At just $64,999, this car is enough for most point A to point B travels. It even has additional features of which even cars that are more expensive may not come as standard. What you will love: Price, fuel consumption, Keyless engine start, fog lamps and LED headlights Money Tip: There are frequent promotions that include 10 free servicing, 10-year engine […]
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