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What do we take into consideration when our dealers in Singapore assess the scrap value of a car? Find out more about how you can estimate the value of your car by reading our helpful guide below.

(1) Scrap car value depends on the market supply and demand of a particular make and model in Singapore

The market demand & supply of a particular car model factors in the final price evaluation. Where demand for a car model is higher, the scrap car value will naturally rise. Conversely, if there is a surplus of owners interested in scrapping the car model, then the car scrap value will fall.

(2) Consider exporting your car
Exporting your car may net you a higher price compared to scrapping it. Car exporters help to sell your car in other countries. However, car exportation might have higher requirements of your car's condition. Different exporters are likely to offer varying offers depending on the popularity of the model, demand for it and its driving condition. If exporters are unable to take in your car, then scrapping your car will be the next best option.

(3) Calculation of Scrap Value of Car in Singapore
• COE Rebate
• PARF Rebate

Scrap Car Value

Here at Scrap Car Singapore, we will help you calculate your total COE rebate and total PARF value to give you the best scrap care value for your vehicle in Singapore.

Feel free to consult us for a more accurate and hassle-free calculation of your car and reach out to us should you have any questions about our services. You may choose to give us a call at +65 9373 9373 or email us at

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