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The Process Of Scrapping A Car In An LTA authorized Scrapyard

When you have decided to scrap your car at an LTA appointed scrapyard in Singapore, you can follow this standard process.

For registered vehicles:
1. Get a transaction pin (TPin) from LTA before your car’s de-registration date
2. Use the TPin and submit an online application and authorize a dealer to de-register your car
3. Bring along these documents to the company’s scrapyard

- A completed de-registration form - Your NRIC, or employment / immigration pass card
- Road Tax Fees (if any outstanding)

For de-registered vehicles: (Expired COE)
1. Please ensure that your car is towed to an authorized scrapyard
2. Bring the completed de-registration application form
3. Bring your NRIC

What is a transaction pin?
A transaction pin is a password that you would need to request for before getting an authorized scrap car dealer to de-register your vehicle be it online or with a motor dealer. This pin is also required when you do other things such as: vehicle ownership transfer, transfer a temporary COE, transfer a Preferential Additional Registration Fee (PARF) or COE Rebate. All these transactions can be done via e-Services@ONE.MOTORING or through an Electronic Service Agent (ESA).

It signifies your consent to and authorisation of a transaction involving a transfer of ownership of a vehicle or assets, such as TCOE, COE/PARF rebates etc.

How to request for transaction pin online?
1. Go to, on the top menu, click on "Log In", then "Singpass"
2. Once you have login with your Singpass, on the top menu click on "My Account" > "Transaction PIN" > "Request for PIN"
3. Select "Vehicle" under Asset Type and Vehicle No, and click "I Agree"
4. Check "I confirm that my registered address as stated above is correct", and click "Confirm"
The transaction PIN will reach you by post at your registered address within 3 to 5 working days.

If you are still unsure about the process of scrapping a car in Singapore, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to guide you along with it.

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