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Are You Getting The Right Value Out of Your Old Car

The first question that comes into your mind whenever you want to scrap an old car is: “How much will I get out from it?” Of course, everyone wants to earn something even from the old things that he wants to dispose. Since you want to get rid of the car, the next thing that needs to be done is to determine how much it is worth. At this point, what you need to do is to know the scrap value of the car so that you can get the right amount of money that you want to earn from it.

From knowing the scrap value of the car, it is important that you set your expectations straight. Do not expect to get an enormous amount of money from scrapping your car. Take note of the years that you have used the said automobile. The longer that it was used, the lower its value becomes. Clearly, there is an indirect proportion between the time and the value. Selling an old vehicle to a scrapyard in Singapore requires some basic knowledge.

  1. The more you wait, the smaller the value you’ll receive

As already mentioned above, your chances of earning big bucks from a scrapyard decreases as you delay the process of actually scrapping your car. Some owners are hesitant to junk their mobiles especially when they still want to improve or repair it. However, it is imperative to know that no matter how hard you try to make the car look good, its value will always depreciate over time. There will always be newer car models and designs that eventually make the vehicle on the “phased out” category. When this happens, the value of the car declines fast. Thus, it is not really recommended to keep on restoring an old automobile. Instead, getting a replacement for it is a better choice.

  1. A car in good condition will have a better value compared to a completely junk vehicle

This is a basic knowledge in the world of scrapping or junking old cars. The dealers will be more likely to place a higher value on a car that is still working or drivable compared to one that is not. The reason behind this is because of the fact that the former is more attractive for a possible buyer. No one wants to buy a car that is no longer working at all. As emphasized above, manage your expectations about the value of the car based on its condition. You cannot expect a higher value if the vehicle is already having some troubles.

  1. Do not accept prices with conditions

Be a smart car owner. Do not accept prices given by dealers that have certain conditions attached to it. The smart thing to do is to find the right scrap car company in your local area. Thereafter, ask for a quotation from them for the value of your automobile. Stick to that value. Some scrap dealers like to lower down the price that they need to pay to the owner. The most common example is when they have already picked up the car from the owner into the garage, they will try to negotiate for a much lower price.

At scrap car Singapore, rest assured that we are a professional authorized agent and negotiate clearly with our clients and provide them with the necessary recommendations before they decide on their own to scrap a car.